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About East Gippsland


East Gippsland provides an ideal place to mix business opportunity with quality of life.

Rich in natural resources and brimming with economic potential, the region is already home to some of Australia's leading brands and largest businesses, attracted by an abundance of primary produce and natural resources coupled with good transport and logistics, cheap energy, ample water, good physical and telecommunications infrastructure, affordable and plentiful land supply and a strong base economy.

The region is ideally situated between Australia’s two major commercial hubs and ports in Melbourne and Sydney with a world-class road network offering easy access to both.

All main utilities are available including power and gas, together with high quality telecommunications. Mobile phone coverage and broadband is accessible in most of the region.

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East Gippsland is blessed with a Mediterranean-like climate – warm summers and mild winters – and stable annual rainfall averaging 600mm-900mm, which allows our agriculture and horticulture industries to thrive.

And when you’re not busy building your business, head outdoors to enjoy the renowned local environment, including pristine lakes and rivers, snow-capped mountains and far-reaching coastal wilderness.

East Gippsland offers a quality lifestyle and the workforce in the region is stable and plentiful. Affordable housing and good community facilities and support all contribute to a relaxed and appealing high quality of life.

To find out more about the industry and economic profile of East Gippsland, visit the East Gippsland Shire Council website.