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Andy Cameron


Life in the Village

Driving into Metung after a long day at work, taking in the view of the boardwalk, the tranquil water and the boats bobbing on the lake, Andy Cameron can think of no other place he’d rather be.

Commuting one-hour’s drive away most of the week; Andy loves coming home to his young family and their new lifestyle on the picturesque Gippsland Lakes.“Living in Metung is almost like being constantly on holidays!” Andy laughed.“Being able to pull in and look at the water, its very relaxing at the end of the day. People pay a lot of money to see what I see when I come home!”

Andy, his wife Annemaree and two sons Jack and Jaspa moved to Metung from Bunbury, WA to be closer to family. The family required their new home to be beside the water. With Annemaree’s mum settled in Metung, Andy’s sister nearby in Traralgon, and Andy familiar with the area after holidaying in Lakes Entrance as a child, it was an easy choice to move to the picturesque coastal town.

Having now lived in Metung since November 2013, the family have settled into the village lifestyle. The two boys attend the local Primary School and the family are enjoying the ease of lifestyle that comes from living in a small community.“Having a young family, it really makes it easier. The school is just over the hill and they walk there together as it’s very very safe for kids here. There are only 54 kids in the school, whereas in Bunbury there were over 400 kids so it is very different. We’ve met a lot of parents and the school community has been very welcoming during the year by holding events for the students and parents.”

Andy said that they have enjoyed getting to know the “good mix” of both older people and younger families who live in the town. The reality that they “don’t live in each-other’s pockets” despite it being a town of only 1,200 people has really appealed to them.

“The move has been good for our boys,” Andy mused. “Being able to have contact with family again has been really good for them. Metung is better than what I thought it would be to live in. It’s such a relaxed lifestyle. We were unsure of where we wanted to live when we decided to come back to the East Coast but we’re happy here and we’re now building a house with a local company – just a short walk to the pub! I think it’s the best pub in the world!”

The family spends their spare time taking full advantage of having the Gippsland Lakes almost literally on their doorstep. Surfing, fishing and swimming are only minutes away and the boys have now joined the local yacht club.“Not many kids in the world get to sail, and we can walk to the yacht club in three minutes! It means we get to do some extra things that a lot of other people can’t,” Andy quipped. The boys also play footy in town and like to play with their Labradoodle ‘Coco’ on the weekends, in “the dog capital of Victoria” as Andy likes to call it.

During the week Andy and Annemaree have jobs that give them flexibility and the opportunity to enjoy life in East Gippsland. Warren, Graham and Murphy in Lakes Entrance employ Annemaree and Andy works from home a few days a week in his position with Aussie Broadband. He said it’s the best job he’s had in a long time and his job proves that moving to a regional area can be great for your career, as well as your lifestyle.