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Info Tech Fact Sheet

East Gippsland has a strong, reliable communication network that allows residents and visitors to keep connected on a global scale.

Telstra has invested in significant infrastructure upgrades across the region to ensure all of the major towns have Telstra 4G access. The speed and reliability of the 4G network is consistent with metropolitan areas meaning you can do business online from wherever you choose– such as the deck of your boat.

Communication technology plays an important role for businesses in East Gippsland with organisations of all sizes regularly utilising video conferencing, VOIP and web conferencing to help reduce travel times, increase accessibility and improve productivity.

Some of the region’s larger organisations have in house ICT departments providing employment opportunities for skilled workers.

Whilst not employing a large number of residents locally in the ICT sector, the connectivity of the region provides ample opportunity to work remotely and continue to enjoy a regional lifestyle.