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Kennedy Trailers

KennedyTrailersEjectaLife-saving innovation delivers a win for Kennedy Trailers

Bairnsdale company Kennedy Trailers will revolutionise the safety of tipper trucks and potentially save lives with an innovative design that removes the need for trailers to lift as they tip.

The groundbreaking EjeKTa trailer design uses a hydraulic motion to remove a load from the trailer, overcoming dangers associated with lifting and tipping.

It was developed over 12 months in collaboration with another Bairnsdale company, Whelans.

Kennedy Trailers sales manager Cory Kennedy said the project arose when the Kennedys approached Charlie Whelan, a long-time client and family friend, with an idea to develop a super lightweight tipper for his business.

“Charlie said he didn’t want to buy another tipper that could carry more weight as he was worried about the trailers he currently had falling over while tipping,” Cory said. “He suggested we put our heads together and think of something better.”

Over the next few months, representatives from the two companies met to discuss ideas and develop drawings, before Kennedy Trailers created the first prototype for an EjeKTa trailer, suitable for use in quarry operations.

“The biggest problem with a tipper is the height when they are tipping their load. Overhead obstructions, such as bridges and power lines can create significant safety issues.”

Another major problem occurs when material in a tipper gets stuck in the bin. This often happens around the hoist well at the front of the trailer, which means as the tipper lifts, the centre of gravity shifts dramatically increasing the risk of a rollover.

“With the EjeKTa design, we eliminate these safety risks and also deliver luxury benefits, such as improved cycle times through an ability to unload in 38 seconds,” Cory said.

“The design itself is hugely innovative. Others who have tried to solve the safety problems have come up with Band Aid solutions for the symptoms, rather than addressing the cause. Nothing has ever been done to stop the bin going in the air, which is what causes the problem.”

After creating a second prototype to fine tune their design, Kennedy Trailers now has one EjeKTa on the road with Whelans and two more under construction.

Soon the EjeKTa will be offered to the market, where it is likely to prove popular particularly for use in the quarry and constructions industries, though they could be used in any situation where a tipper is required.

“We have a long road to go, but the safety merit alone should be enough to carry this design to high places,” Cory said.

“Occupational health and safety is a big concern in all industries, and the EjeKTa would eliminate a major risk for any company that owns one. And if our design saves lives, that’s a huge achievement.”