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FishingFleetSunsetLakes Entrance Fishermen’s Co-Operative

Established in 1964 to service the Lakes Entrance fishing industry, the Lakes Entrance Fishermen’s Co-Operative, or LEFCOL, sits on Bullock Island near the entrance to the Gippsland Lakes.

Now one of the most important voices in the Australian fishing industry, LEFCOL is one of the largest fishing co-operatives in the country, with more than $30 million worth of fish passing through its doors each year.

“The Lakes Entrance seafood industry produces more than 10,000 tonnes a year, including wild-caught fish, prawns, crays and scallops from the Gippsland Lakes and Bass Strait,” Dale Sumner, General Manager of LEFCOL said.

“LEFCOL works hard to add value locally and create local employment. We have begun processing more fish in Lakes Entrance and plan to significantly expand our operations to include an automated processing line, which will allow more efficient processing of various species.”

The co-operative also operates the Leftrade Fishermen’s Gear Store, one of the largest importers of commercial fishing equipment in Australia, and Fishermen’s Own Leftrade Omega3, a fresh seafood outlet and fish-and-chip shop in Lakes Entrance.