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Gippsland Lakes


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Boat, sail, swim, canoe, kayak, fish; in fact you can experience just about any water activity, so make a splash.

The tranquil Gippsland Lakes system is the ultimate playground for all. Stretching out over 400 square kilometres, the lakes are a network of inland waterways. Feeding the ‘Lakes’ are three of the biggest inland lakes system in Australia – the Mitchell, Nicholson and Tambo rivers. The lake system consist of three magnificent lakes – Lake Wellington, Lake Victoria and Lake King – the Gippsland Lakes meet the oceans of Bass Strait at the popular tourist town, Lakes Entrance.

The lakes include many small islands and are fed by three East Gippsland rivers: the Mitchell, the Tambo and the Nicholson. They abut two national parks, the Lakes National Park, which includes Sperm Whale Head, and the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park.

AerialLakesEntrance2-330pxWWhile most people visit for the boating and fishing, you can sail, swim, canoe, kayak, relax and take in the energy from the picturesque lakeside towns of Lakes Entrance, Metung and Paynesville. The region’s commercial centre, Bairnsdale, is known as the ‘gateway to the lakes’, while the ‘Twin Rivers’ area comprises the towns of Nicholson, Johnsonville and Swan Reach. Our lakeside villages of Metung, Lakes Entrance and Paynesville surround the water's edge of the three major lakes, Lake King, Lake Victoria & Lake Wellington.

Bairnsdale is known as the ‘gateway to the lakes’. It is the region’s commercial centre set on the Mitchell River. In the hinterland lies the ‘Twin Rivers’ area comprising the towns of Swan Reach, Nicholson and Johnsonville. Other delightful townships are Lindenow in the west and Nowa Nowa in the east. Refresh and unwind in Lake Tyers renownedfor its fishing and forest-clad shores.  Delight in the ocean-lake experience, serviced by the holiday village of Lake Tyers Beach.But it is the boating and fishing that most come for. Hire a boat here, or bring your own, these incredible waterways offer so much, with 40 casual jetties and top amenities on offer.


Three coastal parks stand between the lakes and the ocean. This magnificent arm of coastline is just 10 minutes by fast boat from any lakeside village. Fish, golf, tour or simply slow down – the Gippsland Lakes will engage you. Stay in any town or village and explore the shores or waterways.

 Places in this region

  • Paynesville & Raymond Island
  • Nicholson, Swan Reach, Johnsonville
  • Metung
  • Lake Tyers Beach
  • Lindenow
  • Lakes Entrance
  • Bairnsdale