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Virgilio Adriatico

VirgilioPerfect job in a beautiful area

Virgilio Adriatico couldn’t believe his luck when he landed a perfect job in a beautiful area.

Moving to East Gippsland in October 2013 was a dream-come-true for he and his young family as it ticked all the right boxes.

With a background in civil engineering and with experience in structural design, Virgilio, originally from the Philippines, wanted something more creative.

He was thrilled to be given the position of Design Engineer at Gamcorp, a structural and civil engineers consultancy in Bairnsdale.

“I managed to secure this job which is a great opportunity because it is my ambition to work in this type of job,” Virgilio said.

“And there were bonus point as well as the company where the area is situated is the area where my wife was born. Most of her family on her father’s side is in Bairnsdale.”

Virgilio, his wife Lesley and two young daughters, Hannah and Isabelle, moved from Adelaide where he was working as a project engineer.

When he was offered a redundancy, the family saw it as an opportunity to move to a new place.

“At first we were looking for both countryside and city, but one advantage I found from working in the country is you don’t have the travel pressure. And the kids are also at ease because they don’t have to travel long to get to their childcare,” Virgilio said.

The family spends their weekends at the beach or enjoying re-connecting with relatives.

“Bairnsdale is near the coastline so there are a lot of scenic places to go to like Lakes Entrance and Paynesville.

“We’re also only four hours away from Melbourne so you always have the advantage of going to the city if you need something specific.”